Welcome to St. Barnabas!

We are an intergenerational, family-oriented community of followers of Jesus.  Our members come from many different cultural and faith backgrounds.  We have third generation Canadian Anglicans, those who are new to Canada, those who are new to the Christian faith, and those whose faith journey has taken them through other churches to the Anglican church.

What we hold in common and what binds us together is our desire to worship God, to celebrate the new life we have in Jesus Christ, and to continually seek the transformation that comes through the Holy Spirit.  Our main expression of this common bond is in our Sunday worship services, which are liturgical in format.  This gives an ordered expression for our worship, praise and prayers.

Our liturgy is part of what we treasure as Anglicans and provides the context for seeking God’s transformative grace in our lives as He visits us through the ministry of the Word and Sacrament and each other.

As you may notice by our building and our liturgy, we are grounded in history and appreciative of the lives and stories of our forbearers and the richness of the tradition we inherit as followers of Jesus.  We are also looking ahead.  We are excited about the future and seek to discern and participate in the new things God is doing – His ongoing work in our lives, our work, our families, communities and the Church.

We would love to hear from you.  We would love to have you join us.

635 - 4th Street SE | Medicine Hat, AB  T1A 0L1 | 403-526-7713 | www.stbmh.ca | office@stbmh.ca